My Teams Scouting Forms

Below are near finalized forms that my team will be using to both Pit and Match scout. Feel free to use them (just credit my team). We likely won’t use these forms as my team for the past 2 years has used a website database to collect our data and then tableau to visualize it so if you have any questions about that feel free to ask. Also, feel free to comment on anything that you think I should add to either form.

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These are some great forms! If I might make a few constructive criticisms:

  • Minor issue: The Match Scouting form says “Pit Scouting” at the top
  • There is no need to spin the Wheel of Fortune in auto, as stage one cannot be activated until teleop starts and the Wheel of Fortune is used to activate stage two
  • This one is more personal preference, but I’ve always left off Alliance Score and Match Outcome from match scouting forms since these can be found out through TBA if the data is needed and the alliance’s performance as a whole might not be reflective of an individual robot’s performance
  • Maybe add a rating for defensive skill as well as the checkbox. Just because a bot is a defense bot doesn’t mean they’re a fantastic defense bot
  • On the Pit Scouting form, again, there is no need to spin the Wheel of Fortune in autonomous

Other than that, very good forms! I love the “Stress-Relieving Space” on both forms! They got a good chuckle out of me.

Thanks for the input! I was able to make most of the recommended changes (many were just oversights on my end). As for why we record alliance score it has always just been an easy thing to record. Thank you again!

On the match scouting form, for the cardinal ranking questions, personally, I’d do a scale of 1-3, since it requires less judgment

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