I am trying to get ready for an off-season event. in FMS Lite, the team information gets downloaded from this page:

It appears like that page is down at the moment. Does anyone have an archive copy of that page?

If not, I would be happy to get the format that page uses so I can generate a version for the teams attending the event.

Thank you,

That page is down for good. You will need to use the new API.

Details here:


Thanks for the reply, I am aware of the new API but was not aware that the old page was gone for good.

The FMS still requires the team list in the format that it used to be listed on the URL I mentioned above. You do not happen to know how that information used to be formatted there?

I don’t remember off the top of my head how that data is formatted. It might be a list of tpids, an id I unique to the FIRST website, but I’m unsure. Maybe check through the old test data stored on the TBA Github.

In the meantime, might I recommend Cheesy Arena, an open source alternative field management system. It depends on the TBA API, so you aren’t restricted by FIRST’s pages going down. Plus, it can auto post results to TBA :slight_smile: