Myers-Briggs Personality Types

This thread discusses the use of personality type testing when assigning team roles and positions. Rather than hijack the thread, here is a simple poll to find out how CD users classify.
Take the quick (<10 minute) test here, then post your results - or if you already know your type, go ahead and put it in the poll.

I’m INTP. Just like Randall Munroe.

I really don’t know the answer for a sizable number of the questions they ask…so I don’t expect the results to tell me much.

Though I am INTP, I don’t believe I was always that way. Perhaps the fact that so many in FRC are INTP or because INTP works well for FRC is the reason I was sort of molded into this personality trait. Especially since outside of robotics stuff, I hang out with engineers and engineering students.

Wait…engineers have personalities?

Took one of these while procrastinating. Interestingly accurate stuff, but then again, most people try to rationalize their results anyway.

Mine is supposedly ESTP-A, and is apparently a “rare” one? Like a shiny Pokemon card or something.

Funny enough, Donald Trump is ESTP. (Someone shoot me now)

It says I am persuasive, which is probably why I lean towards practicing law in the financial industry. (I’ve also been called ‘manipulative’, so who knows which is which?)

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen Myers-Briggs typology pop up.

While I have some amount of skepticism for the 16 categories they sort people into (specifically the general claim that peoples’ types are somehow fixed, and the cute titles they give all the types), it’s very interesting to note changes in the ratios from one side or another-- the last time I took one of these, I self-assessed to much more introverted and “thinking” than I did when I just retook it, which is what I would have said if you asked me. It’s interesting to note some pseudo-objective “proof” that I’m more extraverted and weigh “feeling” more in my decisions than I used to.

Personality tests are funny.

I got a ESTJ-A

Yeah, these do not seem to be the most accurate indicator of personality. For example, a weakness of mine was listed as:

The problem with being so fixated on what works is that ESTJs too often dismiss what might work better.

This is probably because I responded as agreeing to having a plan and continuing it. That said, I’m probably the biggest advocate of figuring out ALTERNATE ways to do things on my team, and iterating designs until you’ve implemented some of the pros of other ways to do a single action.

I straddle the ISTJ/INTJ line, more often falling on the S side.

INTJ-T. I think it describes me, or at least it describes what other people have told me about myself. It’d be interesting to ask different people to do this test for me and see what they get.

It’d also be interesting to see if FRC outside of CD has so many INTP/INTJ types. If I had to guess, I think most of my team would be ISTJ.

INFP, just like my father. :slight_smile: Definitely pretty accurate!

I’ve tested as INTP in the past and I consider that to be fairly accurate. People do change, though, as some of alluded to above. It’s always interesting stuff. I think it’s important to remember that one doesn’t necessarily fit perfectly into a category, with only 16 options it’s hard to truly classify as one. I’ve found it most often pretty close though.

For those of you familiar with the Enneagram personality system, I am generally considered a 2.

ENTP-T and pretty darn accurate too.


Thirty+ years ago a similar MBTI tool showed me as ENTJ. Maybe I have mellowed just a little with age. Trying to judge less and explore differences more…


That procrastination question… should get back to some stuff I want to finish before build season. :ahh:

ENFP-A. I had to take one earlier for one of my school and then I got the same thing from this one as well; consistent!

I was actually surprised I got extroverted. But after talking with some friends, they seem to see it…so I guess it checks out.

Edit: Wow, my favorite actor (Robert Downey Jr.) is also an ENFP.

I am an ESTP-T.

It would be neat to see how personalitis spread across diffrence subteams.

This would be so much more interesting if it was a public poll. I would be very interested to know what the personality types are of more than a few people here on chief.

edit: ISTP here.

ENTP type for me. My favorite actor (Rowan Atkinson) is an ENTP, which is pretty cool. Taylor, would you mind explaining what team roles best suit each type?

I’m ISFJ-A, but all the dualities were really close except I/E. 81%, 54%, 54%, 57%, & 58%: