myRobot.TankDrive errors

when our team uses myRobot.TankDrive(0.3, 0.3), wheel 1 turns correctly, other wheel barely at all, and when we use myRobot.TankDrive(-0.3,-0.3), wheel 1 barely turns, while the other turns correctly. Is anyone else having this problem?
We are using Victors, and when we set them directly, it works fine, even if we declare them as jaguars.

I can’t answer your question but I think you should copy and paste a few more lines of your code to get a good answer from someone else.

Also, make sure the digital side car IS PLUGGED IN. We had this problem when I assumed the DSC only needed a power cable for servos. It needs it for victors aswell.

that is all, if we have a simple program, myRobot = new RobotDrive(1,2) stick = new Joystick(1), and watchdog diabled, the Teleop looks like this

if (stick->GetTrigger())

this is only prevalent at speeds of -.45 to .45

Calibrating your Victors may help as well.

It sounds like your Victor centre-points are different from each other.

You can check to see if they’re out of calibration with each other by measuring the voltage being applied to each motor when running. They should be close.

Hold down the reset button until the LED beings flashing red and green. Apply PWM signal full-forward, then full-backwards, then neutral. Wait for the LEDs to stop flashing.

-Shawn T. Lim…

Thanks! that seemed to work!