MyScout 2013 Windows App

The Channel Cats would like to present this year’s version of their performance scouting software, available at this link:

This software attempts to be as objective (and simple) in its scouting as possible.


Track each teams scores in Automode, Teleop, Hang, and Fouls
Displays team data in an easy-to-read table, sortable by any value
Export to Excel (.csv)
Print all data (if you have a printer :wink: ).
Enter notes on teams, which may also be printed.
Mark a robot as being defensively based, to allow further distinguishment
without getting too subjective.
Keeps a schedule of all matches, which may be entered beforehand,
or created as matches come.

New features this year:

Overwrite old match data with updated info
Mark robots as defensive

It was intended that this year’s version would be able to upload all data to an online database, allowing scouting info to be shared, as well as added from mobile devices. Unfortunately, the implementation of this database is taking longer than anticipated, but we are still working on it! When complete, the mobile version will be available on Android and Windows 8/phone devices.

If you find any bugs or would like to offer any other feedback, please report them here! :smiley:

action number 1
of Alarm Event for alarm 0
for object obj_sched:

Error in code at line 7:
rb[0,0] = ini_read_real(string(m[mat,0]),‘autoScore’,0);
at position 35: Negative array index

Any ideas?

Lol, that didn’t take long! ::ouch::

I believe that happens when the Next Match is set to 0. Thanks for finding it!
It should now be fixed!

I should mention that you may have to make a new project to stop the error from reappearing, or you can open the save file and find the section called [match] and switch the value beneath called “last” to a positive number.

*** UPDATE ***
(redownload if you want the new features)

Besides some minor tweaks, the program can now import schedules!
Also added is the ability to sort by defense.

Schedule files are .csv tables of the form
“match#, red1, red2, red3, blue1, blue2, blue3”
which can be pasted from a schedule on FIRST’s website into a spreadsheet, then saved as .csv for the program to read.

A sample schedule file can be downloaded at

Awesome Bryany!

Hey! Great tool! Can you add a way to change the value of the climb(±10pts) as FRC can change the climb values?

Has the windows 8 app been released yet? I finally have a smartphone capable of downloading these apps and would be interesting to test this with the students at the Waterloo competition!

That’s a good idea! I’ll try to add that.

Unfortunately, the mobile version is not quite ready yet. We’re still working on it though!

Im loving it Thank your were going to be using this in dallas GO DEVASTATORS

UPDATE: Version

Some bug fixes
Added ability to edit match info from schedule screen. Right click a match to edit.
Background preparation for online integration
Prep for joystick control

Very Nice!!