Mysterious Credit Balances at FIRST

We’ve paid for two regionals (just got second receipt after many weeks though status was ‘paid’) and credit balances are now showing up on the dashboard. The credit balance was $1,000 and now it is $5,000. Is this happening to anyone else?


Just looked: no credit for Iron Kings.

I had some money pass through the payment system earlier today.
A $500 grant was added earlier this week. It first showed up as a credit, then today it got moved to reduce the Amount Due by that amount (and the Credit Balance went back to $0).

My suggestion would just be to give the good people at FIRST HQ a call and ask them. They are always very helpful. I’m sure they can explain exactly what’s going on so you won’t have to speculate about where your money is coming from and where it’s going.

Yes . One of our teams is paid for by a grant from sponsor and the other our school after many emails it is still messed up . Our grant team is paid and has a 5k credit and our school paid team is paid but I don’t think it was out of our school PO. I have given up for a while.