Mysterious FIRST Twitter tease

I’ve been searching Delphi for a thread on the subject, but I don’t see anything about FIRST’s tease-y tweet they put up.](

Any ideas on what this might be? And before anyone says it, the guy in the image beat you to the end-game joke.

Its obviously the new startgame. They said no secret endgame, but nothing about the first 30 seconds of teleop! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s obviously a water game. They said nothing about the truss actually being a water-shooting unicorn to teach teams how to think quickly and build a water-gliding robot in under 3 days.

I have to admit that this would be clutch…

It’s obviously a post by Looking Forward.

Guessing it has to do with AmeriCorps VISTAs, who, if I remember correctly typically serve for a year.

I’ll back you up on this, this is the first thing I thought of when I saw #serveAyear. Sounds like they’re getting some new kind of mentor/volunteer involvement from them or a similar program (Teach for America?).

It’s FAR too early do be doing the whole “OMG game hint!” thing…

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

I also agree with that hashtag. It really can’t be an endgame or an addition to the game. Unless if Americorps VISTAs is sponsoring this addition. In all reality it is most likely going to be a announcement that they will be attending the world competititon

I’m looking forward to see which ones they are, then.

Seems relevant

List of partners at the bottom: FIRST.

Clicking on the logo brings you here - not to the FIRST website…

It seems strange that they could have used the wrong logo for a partner. But I don’t know if it is more or less strange to get the wrong website.

Umm, should FIRST HQ be emailed about that? Or maybe serveayear?

Misrepresentation (or a mistake) should be fixed.

And it’s especially weird that it’s the “right” logo with the wrong website (I’m assuming that since the partner is very specifically FIRST, they didn’t get that wrong).

I’m pretty sure an American service campaign is not in direct partnership with an organization in Blackburn (in Great Britain).

EDIT: I’ve looked for contact email, anyone got one to notify them. It’s a pretty harmless mistake.
EDIT2: Emailed ServiceNation, who seems to be heading the campaign. Hopefully they will know what to do.

VISTAs have attended CMP in the past and will be again this year. The VISTA program was expanded greatly over the last year and they are still in the process of expanding.

Note the one website says that they are looking to publicize the VISTA program in general and that the listed partners, which are a limited subset of programs supported by VISTA, will be a part of it.

Link is fixed.

FIRST posted this today on their FaceBook account.