Mystery Award

Back in my rookie year in 2008, and also our teams first year, we had a pretty decent run. Nothing spectacular. We were the second ranked rookie team if I remember correctly at our only regional (NJ). We sat through the award ceremonies and didn’t win anything. Yet I have a FRC medal from 2008 with a white ribbon hanging in my room.

Everyone on the team from that year has one. We always assumed they were participation medals (We called it a pity medal for the last 5 years). We thought it a bit strange when we didn’t get them again in 09 but thought nothing of it really. I didn’t question it until this year, after getting to know more people on other teams. Its exactly the same medal you get for winning an event/being a finalist.

I know for sure that It wasn’t from another year, because we’ve never won an award (ever.). Where could this have come from? xD

It is a participation medal. A couple years ago they switched to participation pins to save money, that’s why you didn’t get one the last few years.

IIRC, the participation metals were smaller than the normal metals and the normal metals were silver or gold, where as the participation metals were bronze.

Actually, the participation medals are the same size as the others, just in bronze. The last participation medals went out in 2010.

Its definitely a participation medal.

The awards for the NJ regional in 2008 doesn’t indicate otherwise:

Are you sure they weren’t smaller the last year they gave then out? I guess I have to go look at my medals, but I vividly remember one as being smaller than the others.