Mystery material from the kit of parts.

Hi there,

Team 2471 received some really nice rubber tape in the kit of parts, that we have been using on the robot. Unfortunately, we have almost run out, and we can’t seem to find where to purchase more.

We looked in the list of KOP items, but it was not listed, and a different grip tape that we did not receive was listed in its place. After buying some of the other grip tape and being disappointed with it, we would like to ask the chief delphi comunity if they have any leads.

Attached to this post should be a picture of the tape I’m referring to.

Any help is appreciated.

Look at McMaster-Carr? From the picture it looks like it’s either polyurethane or neoprene rubber with fiber reinforcement. From the tackiness (things sticking to it on the sides) it may even be silicon.

Look here:

Thanks for the tip! I don’t think that McMaster is a kickoff kit supplier, but they do seem to have comparable stuff available.

Whatever that is I don’t think it was in this year’s, or any recent year’s official KoP. What leads you to believe it was in the KoP? Did you possibly get it from a supplier via a KoP PDV?

I ask because sometimes a local supplier will donate something to teams at a local kickoff but it is not an official part of the KoP. If this was the case and you use it you should cost account for it and probably recognize the donor as a sponsor in some way. Just because you picked up the item with your KoP at your local kickoff don’t automatically assume it is an official KoP item. If it isn’t on the KoP checklist, FIRST Choice, or a PDV item it isn’t an official KoP item. This has cause confusion with the BOM/CAW on more than one occasion in the past.