Mythbusters do a shooter

tonites mythbusters is showing a football kicking machine. it’s pretty neat! it even gives the ball a spiral! they noticed that the machine needs a consistant load. Have you noticed that about your shooter?

man I’m watching mythbusters right now too:). yes I have noticed.:slight_smile:

:] once again here is proof that you can learn something from television

I have no idea how our robot is going to shoot the balls because Im 200 miles away from my team and nobody has been updating me about their progress :frowning: but yes, I saw the episode, and yes, I noticed it.

As a kicker myself, I particularly enjoyed the episode. Sadly, I believe the Mythbusters kinda missed the point of the myth. That, and there’s no way it can be done in today’s game due to that lousy “kicker discrimination” rule. All balls used for kicking are specially marked and come straight from the ref. Still, a very interesting watch.

the original idea of the myth, that a football could be made light enough to hang in the air for several seconds, by filling it with helium, goes against all the laws of physics.

If something the size and shape of a football was light enough to ‘hang in the air’ then it would not have enough mass to be kicked more than 3 feet.

they talked about this on the program but didnt explain it very well.