Mythbusters try out VEX Robotics

The Myth Busters have built a robot from the VEX system. I’m liking the Slashdot comments about it so far (they mention FIRST Robotics :-))

It’s iRobot’s packBot. Or… something close to it.

this article is actually old

My apologies, I did a quick search but didn’t find that thread. At any rate; I found the Slashdot comments to be interesting themselves, too.

On a related Note, Grant was at the Silicon Valley Regional Team Social on friday wearing his Mythbusters shirt and I said Hi. He was with some team from San Francisco, but I forget the number :(.

If you want a link to the site the actual article is on, here it is-
Robot Magazine

The link to the vex article is near the bottom of that page

the team from SF was 1031 I believe

As far as I still know, Grant is with 841 in Richmond.

Yes, I’ve been a mentor for 841 for five years now. (Long before my “fame” as a Mythbuster.) It was great meeting everyone that came and said hi during the competition and social. And a special thanks to all the teams that helped out Richmond in my absence. I’ll be at Davis Friday evening and all day Saturday. Please feel free to stop by and chat!


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Just as a side question, was this aired on the show? If so, anyone know what episode?

I’ve seen the VEX kits scattered through the episodes including that treaded vehicle they built, which was in that article I believe. ACK nerd starshock! GRANT! Is team 841 going to Nats or Vegas? This is kind of like that time I was watching CSI and they did this episode about Battle Bots and I could name half of them… sigh…

That’s awesome to hear that you’re coming to the Davis Regional. I’ll be sure to stop by 841’s pit area. :slight_smile:

slashdot’s dupes spreading to other websites :ahh: ?!

slashdot’s dupes spreading to other websites :ahh: ?!

How do you earn yourself 500 PM’s, 200 e-mails, 100 replies to a post, and an instant 5 to 6 bars in rep?

If your name is Grant Imahara, make yourself known to the Chief Delphi community.

Welcome to the board. :stuck_out_tongue:

-Andy Grady

No way! And i thought my friend was pulling my leg when he said he saw you. Mythbusters is famous at our school because it’s used in EVERY SINGLE PHYSICS UNIT to demonstrate something. It’s really awsome. Any chance of getting Scottie involved? I know a lot of teams would love to have a metalworking expert helping them.

Now the real question is how do we turn this connection into a segment on Mythbusters dedicated to FIRST. Perhaps such a thing has happened already though not to my knowledge. In true Dean Kamen fashion of always asking for more we expect a full Mythbuster’s camera crew at the next FIRST Regional :slight_smile: Let’s see perhaps we can bust, or I guess confirm, the myth “can 30 high school students build a robot out of this kit of parts in six weeks or less.”


Ha ha! Thanks for the warm welcome. You can all visit my MySpace page also. I use it to keep tabs on my students (as it seems they’re all addicted to it). :ahh: It can be found at:

Sorry, Scottie left before I joined the show, so I have no way of contacting her…


Has anyone before Grant ever earned three green reputation boxes from his first TWO posts? FIRST loves robot heroes.

I read the posts about Scottie above, but she’s not the local favorite here. The boys on our team have created little personal shrines to Kari. How does she feel about high school guys who can use power tools?

heh… he has 5 boxes now. Welcome to the forums, Grant. You’re a hero to more than just the students in here.

Andy b.