N.E.R.D. Off Season Event October 22nd, 2022

That’s a great recap vid, thanks for all the incredibly hard work that went into the event! This was a first team outing for about half our new team members at 4473 and it really made an impression. We had our fair share of trouble with the FMS connections (we were the ones that were bypassed in our first two matches), but what was truly inspiring was the number of folks that sought us out in the pits to graciously offer help. I will heartily agree that despite the FMS troubles it really had the feel of a regular season district event.

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So sorry about being bypassed. That is the absolute worst. We’ve got some plans in the works to help solve the wifi interference problems. Unplugging wireless access points seemed to help, I wish we had thought of it sooner. Glad to hear you and your team still had a good time.

2370 Had a fantastic time!

For the WiFi next year, see if your IT department can work with FIRST / the FTA to set aside a 5 ghz channel or 2 for the field. Depending on the system it should be easy to tell it to do that, or at least turn off the APs that are set to those channels.

We cant wait for next year!