N.E.R.D. shirt idea STOLEN!

You can’t tell me that this site didn’t steal the N.E.R.D. shirt idea now can you?

That is just not right! :mad:

Gee they put a popular noun on a site called nerdyshirts I can see how you would be upset…

sarcasm detector implodes

eh, it happens…

Mine’s an original, their’s is a knockoff… wow, for the first time in my life I’m actually on the cutting edge of fashion! :slight_smile:

I don’t see any periods on their shirt…are they invisible?

How long has the site had the shirt up?

In any case…what’s the big deal really? It’s just a good shirt design, and applause to your designer b/c they created something that could have been used as a fund raiser for the team if you sold those to the public. I would sure buy one.:]

so now you have a supplier- maybe get some sponsorship money out of the…

n.e.r.d. in this case refers to the New England Robotics Division, not a team in particular (although I believe there IS a team by that name also). It is a group of FIRSTers in the New England area that formed to assist at events, help teams, etc.