Name my CAT

i just got a new cat today and it came with the name “LUCY” but that just wont do. she is 6 months old black tiger cat. so help me come up with a name for her

attached is a picture



Billy Bob Joe

no wait your cats a she so…

Billy Bob Sue




Of course… those are only suggestions for her last name. Since her first name is obviously Cat.

pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis :ahh: its a type of lung disease

im not making this up check it out its a real word. :slight_smile:

A friend of mine named his cat “Pixel”.

How about something like “CIM” or “Sprocket” or “Magic Smoke”? Or cough “RhodeWarrior”… You could call her “Rhodey”. :wink:



(For those of you who remember EL Jorge, that is his wife…lol)


Summer (A cat I know looks exactly like that with that name)

hhmmmm… mousebait

Actually, SProcket sounds pretty good to me.

nooooo! must not let evil sink its vile tentacles into innocent minds. the name SProcket must never come to pass. :ahh:
-actually theres nothing wrong with it i just like pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

gota love movies…Pussnboots.

How about “Fuzz” or “The Fuzz”.

If you really get desperate there is always

i like the name cuddles for a cat.

Our unofficial team mascot for Nationals was happy cat if anyone didn’t notice.

uhmmm… how about Cat, Gata, Chat, Katze, Gatta, De kat, кот, Katt, 猫, 貓, or Neko? oh oh, or how about, Tigger, Tigre, Tiger, De tijger, Тигр, 老虎, or 老虎? (sorry… i cant tell you how to pronounce Russian or traditional or simplified Chinese…) or, you could take any of the names above, spell it backwards, and use that. like… Tac, attag (which almost looks like ATTACK! heehee), tak ed, tok, oken, Reggit, Ergit… you get the point.

personally, i prefer Kitty/Yttik. :stuck_out_tongue: (i’m SO unoriginal) ^.^ maybe i’ll come up with a decent name at a later time. Thats neat though… have CD give you ideas for what to name your cat! and yea… i do like Sprocket the best :wink: (how can you not like a name that not only means something cool, but has “rocket” in the name?) :smiley: good luck

If you do get stuck for a name, don’t be afraid to try the unconventional. Our furballs (two male Siamese) we’re named that way. When Siamese are kittens, they don’t start out with their distinctive colors - they’re more like white poofs of fur. We chose the runt of the litter and a particularly rambunctious one, which turned out to be a big poof and a little poof - hence, Cottenball and Q-tip.

With the amount of fur they shed sometimes we joke that we have enough to make another whole cat - which we have decided to name that one “Toothbrush”.

Sprinkles or $@#$@#$@#$@#$@#$@#.

EDIT: The word filter changed it, so “D-A-M-M-I-T”

“Come here, D a m m i t.”
“Want some food, D a m m i t?”
A very funny name.

Pickles. It’s the perfect name for a cat.