Name of Control System that replaces the driver station?

A couple of weeks ago, I remember reading a thread on a system that hooked straight into a roborio, and allowed a controller to be connected to it so that the driver station could be bypassed, when using for demos etc. Does anyone remember the name of this device? I don’t remember who made it or its name, I have had no luck finding it again. Thanks in advance

This thing sounds kind of unsafe and unnecessary


It most certainly is necessary (it is ALOT easier to control a robot via just a controller- we had to run three robots down for our city’s parade and it would have been a painful endeavor to use laptops for them)

Unsafe just use a kill switch (on a xbox controller- start twice to start, start once to stop)

@OP We just replaced our roboRIOs with cortexes.

I believe dirtbikerxz might be referring to the ChapR Controller that was posted in this thread a few weeks back. :wink:

Oh never mind guys, I found it:
Thanks anyway

Oh thank you, cbale. I found it just as you posted the link :smiley: