Name of the game?

Posted by Jason Leslie at 03/01/2001 9:15 PM EST

Other on team #157, Aztechs, from Assabet Valley RTHS Alumni (Class of 1998) and .

I was just wondering what is the name of the 2001 competition?


Posted by colleen - T190 at 03/01/2001 9:45 PM EST

Engineer on team #190, Gompei, from Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science and WPI.

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Posted by Jason Leslie on 03/01/2001 9:15 PM EST:

I think… :-/… at least something along those lines

Posted by EddieMcD at 03/02/2001 2:24 PM EST

Student on team #121, Islanders, from Middletown High School and NUWC.

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Posted by colleen - T190 on 03/01/2001 9:45 PM EST:

It is Diabolical Dynamics.