Name of this COTS part?

What is the name of this part? This seems to be a bolt, with a free-spinning bearing on its head. Also, is this available on McMaster?

I am trying to design an elevator, and these seem to be very useful when it comes to designing!


Cam follower, and yes they are available on McMaster.

I’m not sure what those are called, but you might want to look into making your own bearing blocks for a linear elevator. It tends to be a lot cheaper, but still very smooth and easy to build.

Yeah, those two parts are cam followers. I found them on McMaster a month or two ago and had the exact same thought, that they would be great on an elevator. They’re a bit spendy though, at about $20 a piece. You can always go with regular bearings on shoulder screws if cost is a issue.

By the way, I really like that assembly. I assume it was designed for a third stage which would interface with C-channel?

Yep, that’s exactly what it is for. I’m redesigning this carriage to be a little more adaptable to any given game. I may start to post CAD files of my mechanisms and drive trains on FRC Design and on our website.

For anyone concerned about cost, shoulder bolts aren’t even necessary. We use standard cap screws with great results.