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This is something I’ve always wondered about. What is more important to an FRC teams identify/brand, there team number or team name (“nickname” by FIRST definition)?

Below are two polls, one asks which one is more important to your team, and the second one asks which one you think is or should be important to all teams. There is a difference (e.g. a team that started way back when and they are more well known for their number may say that their number is more important to them, but they acknowledge that most teams have their name as more important)

To be clear, I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer. Different teams will have different priorities in this regard. However, if I had to guess I’d think that the majority of teams will say their name is more important. Strictly because I usually refer to other teams by their names, unless In certain scouting situations.

I’ll also emphasize that both the name and number are important, but one will most likely be more important than the other.

With my team, I’d say the name is more important. Since we do a lot of outreach, it’s easier for someone to remember Robot Casserole than 1736. Plus, I hear most people refer to us as “Robot Casserole” or just “Casserole”.

Anyway, interested to see the results!

What is more important to “Your” teams identity
  • Name
  • Number

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What do you think is more important to “any” teams identiy
  • Name
  • Number

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Depends on the situation. For outreach and sponsors, name all the way. For scouting and watching matches I would go by number (also easier to search TBA.)

We on 166 find both the name AND number equally important. That’s how we brand ourselves
(Chop Shop 166) on business cards, social media etc.

If there was a voting option for both, that’s what I would check off.


Interesting, I guess I didn’t think that was really feasible. Cool!

If I’m trying to find the team at an event, number (pit spots are easier to find that way). If I’ve already found the team, name most likely.

Now, I’m likely to remember number-name combinations better than either number or name…

I was also going to say “both” or “equal” should be an option.

angry championship noises


I use team numbers for the same reason I use event codes. Maybe I spend too much time playing with TBA data…


It is interesting…

When the students on my team talk about teams within our district, they almost always refer to them by their name.

When they talk about teams outside our district, they are about 50/50 between referring to them by number or by name. They generally know both the number and the name, but they don’t really use them interchangeably.

That makes sense, although my experience is that people on my teams generally refer to teams by their name and not there number. However, different people do different things differently.

Although we would be honored to be confused with any purple teams whose numbers might be anagrams of ours, we are confident we are the only Red Pride Robotics in our ecosystem. So number overall, but name for us.

We usually have both on our branding. Below is usually how it’s done for us:

FRC Team 126: Gael Force

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Names change, numbers less so. But most teams are associated with both.
1114, what’s their name?
Exploding Bacon, what’s their number?

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This - my team was founded as the Rainier Roboteers - but by the time I got to it, it was the Revolution - but we generally go by our number - 360. Well I dunno about these days, at least in my time, I don’t think a lot of people who weren’t on the team knew our name, but they sure knew our number.

FRC 4607

By name? Well historically:

The Coalition of Independent Students (2013-2015)
The Coalition of Inde… (truncated) (2015-2018)
C.I.S. (2018 and beyond)


FRC 4607, C.I.S.

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