Name that Robot Episode 1 - Easy Mode - Giveaway New YouTube series debuting: Name That Robot. Can you name that robot with just a screen shot in 5 seconds? Episode 1 is on easy mode with these championship winners. Comment your score on YouTube by the end of Friday, November 11th for a chance to win the following from AndyMark:

Tube Roller: Tube Roller - AndyMark, Inc
Sealed Flanged Bearings 8 Pack: 3/8 (0.375) in. Hex ID 7/8 (0.875) in. OD Sealed Flanged Bearing (FR62RS-Hex) - AndyMark, Inc

Also if you have any other themes you’d like to see let me know or comment here what your score was. 2019 I had a finalist whoops.



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