Name That Robot

Up to date with your fictional robots? (And Dave Lavery’s other car?)

Try the “Name that Robot” game at

And just ignore the “sign me up” screen at the end… there is a “take me to my score” link in the bottom right corner.


P.S. I did rather poorly, I’m afraid… I only got 56%, but my wife scored 69%! Guess she can take over as mentor next year…


i could do better with FIRST robots

Perhaps someone should start a game on these boards where at a certain date and time, on regular intervals, a picture of a robot is posted, first one to get the team right gets a point.

69% The funky little white dude was beyond me.

I got 88%. :stuck_out_tongue:

get on it

94%, but I guessed on a few (and must have gotten lucky).

neat site.

That was the depiction of Marvin the Paranoid Android from the 2005 Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy film.

50%. Man, I’ve gotta study up. Some of them were really puzzling, though!


I would do better with FIRST robots too. I guessed on a lot

thanks, Vivek

I’m amazed that I did THAT well…


Someone should make up a quiz like like this taking Team logos and have you pick the right team number.

I feel ashamed even posting this…19%…its pitiful.


This would definitely be a fun game to play, except that some logos have the team number in them, and mostly every robot has its team number/logo on it so you’d have to blur them.

63%. I’ll admit, beyond the obviously popular ones, I was guessing.


Recognized all the non-humaniod ones.

I don’t know what that floating silver thing was though…

94%. Didn’t know what the floaty silver one was either. It’s apparently this shrugs

There wasn’t a Gort! or that one from Westworld! Or Robby! Or Bender! So many classics were missing… =(

Wow 69% … guess I watch too much TV.

Of course HAL and the Borg are not robots.


38% - need to watch more TV.

I got a 94%. I had a problem with the cartoons :frowning:
I need to get out more :smiley: