Name that sensor

I noticed this sensor on 1114’s shooter, and it looks similar to an encoder, just a whole lot more robust. If anybody could tell me what it is and give me a part number, it would be much appreciated.

After looking at some of the other pictures in that dropbox I noticed that 1114 has an “Industrial Encoder Corporation” sticker on their robot, which led me to this url after a google search.

I think that it is this version:


It could also be a greyhill encoder.

EDIT: Forget it, wrong picture.

Where could you find pricing for these? They look like they would be super expensive.

They look like hollow shaft encoders. Also the IS280 has a max rpm of 6000 rpm but I’m pretty sure that 1114 is running there shooter wheels at a much higher speed ( I think i read 25,000 rpm somewhere)

I think it may be this because of the mounting pattern and strain relief style but it still has the 6000 rpm limit. It also has 3600 ppm which probably means it is crazy expensive (400$<)

Pretty sure 1114 only ran their shooter wheels at 2,500 rpm. In this video they give out a lot of their specs:

You could always contact 1114 I have heard they are very, very nice and are open to many questions, it doesn’t hurt to shoot them an email.