Name That Team! #1

Inspired by this thread, i thought it’d be really fun to make a game where hints are given about a team, and the viewers have to guess!

So here’s how it’ll work:

  • Every Thursday (or so, we’ll see how it turns out), i will make a new thread (like the caption contest)
  • I will give three or so hints as to who the team is
  • You MUST PM me with your answer. If people post the answer on the thread, people may just copy the last person’s guess.
  • You can only guess once
  • Point system:
    -1st correct answer: 20 points
    -2nd: 15
    -3rd: 10
    -Rest: 5
    [STRIKE]-Incorrect Answer: -5[/STRIKE]
  • On the following Thursday, i will post below the results along with what the team number actually was and a running score total.
  • Any suggestions to improve the game are greatly appreciated.

The inaugural name that team:

  • This team resides in the Southern United States
  • This team helped build a robot for a local police department.
  • This team is considered by many to be one of the best teams to never win a World Championship.

Remember: DO NOT post your answer on this thread!

Good Luck!

P.S. I received a great idea already! A new scoring system will be in place for next time:
On the first day, i will give one hint. Then, every 2 days or so, i will add another hint.
The scoring system will look like this for next week:
Correct on 1st day/hint: 30 points
[STRIKE]Incorrect on 1st day/hint: -5 points[/STRIKE]
Correct on 2nd day/hint (this means that this scoring won’t apply until the next day i post a new hint): 20 points
[STRIKE]Incorrect on 2nd day/hint: -10 points[/STRIKE]
Correct on 3rd day/hint: 10 points
[STRIKE]Incorrect on 3rd day/hint: -10 points[/STRIKE]

P.P.S.Due to the surprisingly high number of PM’s i have received already today, I’ve decided to make a new one starting tomorrow with the new rules. So be ready folks! But remember, being first won’t matter anymore, so choose your answer time wisely. I will post the scoring for today’s tomorrow, but the scoring will restart tomorrow due to a scoring system change.
Good luck!

Also, could someone possibly change this forum’s setting so that i don’t have to wait so long to post again? It said check back in a few hours, and it’s been six and i still can’t post new.

It must be team 694! Oh, wait, is New York a southern state?

Anyhoo, this sounds like an awesome game, even though I doubt I’ll ever be right. I’ll wait for the next clue…

A couple of things:

  • Reading the entire post is useful ahem :stuck_out_tongue:
  • I have received a surprisingly large number of PM’s already! 16!
  • Thanks for all the supportive PM’s! I appreciate them a lot!
  • Since this has gotten so popular already, even with a worse version of the scoring system, I’ve decided to do a new one today with the scoring reset and with the new scoring system intact. So be on the lookout!
  • I will repost the new scoring system on the new thread, so make sure you know that its no longer about who’s first.
  • Good luck!


Travis, i think we’ll let it slide this time :P. Besides, the scoring will be reset due to the new scoring change.
And yes, i see what you did there. :stuck_out_tongue:

So the people who replied appropriately don’t get any points for this one? How about a little early adopter bonus?

For the attention span-deficient crowd ;), perhaps you can post “DO NOT REPLY - SEND ANSWERS VIA PM!” in large bold red (or pink - is pink an option??? - did you see what I did there…) letters at the top of each post? :cool: