Ok, the rules are simple…leave a clue and guess what team the person above you are talking about! Lets get it on!

The team I am thinking of likes to wear funky tshirts that not very many teams wear. They come from the great state of IL. NAME THAT TEAM!


Part of this team is viewed as the cleanest team in FIRST. Name That Team!

Wildstang 111

What team wears bright green and plaid for their clothing?

i was to late… scach my anwser and question

That’s 108, by way of SOAP.

This team created a hive of activity with its four-speed robot this year.

A:Team 33?

HINT: “Don’t Worry… Be Happy!”

can the clue be more easier… billfred…

Killer Bees … team 33…

clue: you can relate this team to a can food… they have great spirit… :slight_smile:

Team SPAM!

Clue: This team is from the red planet. :wink:

A: The Martians!

Q: This team always has an ace up their sleeve (or in their hat).

A: 176, Aces High

Q: This 1999 rookie team was a national finalist in 2001 and hails from California.

A: 254 the Cheesy Poofs.

Q: This team handed out ‘Techno’ cds at nationals in 2000.


Hint, half their name is in the question.

heres my hail mary lol


Am I right? either one?

since kyle didnt leave a clue for us… here is the next clue…

This team has atleast 4 kids at the competition who paint their body green at the competitions. their team believes that they are mean and green. :slight_smile:

A: Swampthing - 179

Q: This is the only FIRST “college team” to win a National Championship.

Could it be? My FIRST trivia trumps that of the great JVN? Come now, John… you’d think you’d research your answers before you post.

Two ‘college’ teams have won - 73 and 125.

This team’s favorite colors are red, white, and _____ Blue. :slight_smile:

It’s true… I forgot about Tigerbolt.
I am defeated by the lesser-Morrison, how humiliating…

A: Cyberblue - 234
Q: In the year 1997, this team latched onto the “tree” and spun it at high speed to prevent others from placing inner-tubes.

They were national champions in 1993, and hail from “the Hee-Haw state” of Texas.

Team 148 - The Robowranglers…if you hadn’t given the hint I would never have gotten the answer.

since tk didn’t leave a question I will! haha

Who was the latest Indiana FIRST team to win IRI?