71 won it this year…

Here we go…

In 2000, there were a few teams that used large arms to transfer balls from one trough to the other while attached to the bar. Team 25 was one of these teams, name another.

A: Team 69 - Hyper

Q: This national chairman’s award winning team also is mentored by a Woodie Flowers award winner.

A: That would have been Team 23, mentored by Mike Bastoni.

Q: This fired-up Michigan team has an excellent AC/DC song as their name/mascot.

A: that’d have to be 280, ‘TnT’.

Q: before 1999, this team was team 14.

A. I believe that would be Team Hammond (Now team 71)

Q. What team did so well in the 2001 UTC Regional, that they catapulted everyone’s score who they worked along side with during the seeding rounds. They were seeded 1st entering the finals with an average match score of 239 points, and a highest match score of a whopping 376 points.

A. Team 38

Q. What team came in second to 45 iin the 1998 National Championship?

Team 121

What is the only team that has won the national chairman’s award twice (before they changed the rules)?

A: Team 191, the X-Cats.

Q: What year was the IFI Robot Controller first used?

I am totally guessing at this, so I’m not gonna leave another question, but was it The X-Cats Team 191?

this “grand canyon state” robot could lift two goals in the 2002 game. Name that team.


First team with a shifting transmission.


Was it my team? (45)

If it was heres my Q.

Other then 45, what were the other two teams that won the MWR this year???

269 and 930

What is the only team to have two lifetime quaifications to attend nationals?

Bonus points if you can tell us the qualifications.

team 191 the xcats they won the national chairmans award twice

Greg forgot to post a question, and asked me post his question. The spelling mistakes are his own.

what team shares a name with a charature who appears in many films

T-kats didn’t have one until 1999.
NOT the first. (Sorry Andy).

I’m fairly certain it was Tigerbolt in 1996.
(Someone told me that once?)

The earliest one I know about for CERTAIN was Team 20 in 1997.

It was the X-Cats, but I did not count chairman’s twice. Their other lifetime qualification is that they one of the original FIRST teams.

And we’re a founding team.

I now have a pic of the 2001 technokat CD if any of you wanna see it PM me.

Since no question was asked, What INFIRST team has had the lowest number, what school was it from? What city? What number?

Heres a hint about my question…this team no longer exists. Their number was one of a popular Indiana racecar driver…