Name That Tune

*OK there are only 2 rules:

  1. You can search the internet and you can ask for help from colleagues, friends, neighbors, family, etc but if you get the right answer you must give credit where credit is due.

  2. If you want to post your own, please start a different thread.

Here’s the first challenge. (738 KB) (738 KB)

*Seriously? No takers?

I saw this thread yesterday, thought to myself “oh, finally, a challenge from Ether I might actually be able to solve!”

…And this has now been driving me nuts for the past 24 hours. Feels like one of those tip-of-my-tongue kinda things…

I haven’t the slightest idea what the song is. Last night, I ran the .mp3 through a music recognition database, and no results popped up. Hopefully later, I’ll run it through a recognition software with a larger database and see what happens.

Agreed. Sounds super familiar, I just can’t place it.

Dana Espanola No 5. We actually listened to this song in AP Music Theory! :smiley:

@ Karibou, Cothron Theiss, frcguy, Poseidon5817:

There appears to be a posting restriction in this subforum which prevents me from responding to your posts in a timely manner. So I am re-directing discussion to this new thread.

I will respond to your posts over there!