name that tune

Google Now found it.


Wow. Try this one. (862 KB) (862 KB)

Same result.

But I found a song it can’t recognize. Want it uploaded here or another thread?

Yeah, go ahead (upload here). If it’s from the 60s or 70s, just post the first three seconds and I’ll try to guess it by ear.

I’m not too sure when the song was actually written, but at least a decade before this was recorded. The recording was sometime in the 2000’s, but that’s just cause it was the best recording I could find. Also, this snippet is from the middle of the song, not the beginning. Frank might be a good person to ask for this one.

EDIT - Had to put it in the correct format. (659 KB) (659 KB)

I probably don’t know it then.

Give me something from the 60s or 70s. Original studio recording that got airtime. I used to be pretty good at guessing those with just a few seconds of the lead-in. Haven’t tried it in decades so don’t know if I still can.

I don’t recognize it.

*OK, here’s a song that everybody should know. And I think this snippet of the very beginning of the song, although short, gives the human listener a fair shot at guessing it. And I hope Google isn’t smart enough to figure it out. (41.5 KB) (41.5 KB)

“Teach Your Children” -Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

How did you figure it out? Did you just recognize it right away? Or did you use music recognition software?

I listen to The Ride, a classic rock radio station.

Sweet. Reps to you. And here’s another one for you. (32.5 KB) (32.5 KB)

*Here’s another one for you old-timers out there.

The youngsters probably won’t have a clue, and hopefully the internet won’t either. (103 KB) (103 KB)

Sounds like, but isn’t, who’ll stop the rain.

Yep. Sounds like Creedence though, just not sure what.


Lodi - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Well you guys got the right group (well done!) but now what’s the song?

See edit above :slight_smile:

Great song. One of my all-time CCR favorites.

How did you figure it out?

I’m a huge CCR fan so when I heard the snippet I knew it was from them but didn’t know the song. I knew there was a few I could eliminate right away (Down on the Corner, Fortunate Son, etc.). I listened to the intros of the remaining songs one by one and that’s when I heard it in Lodi.

OK, that definitely earns you some Reps :slight_smile: