Name the Planet Contest

Let the naming begin! I know you have it in you, summer CD!

there better not be any mentor named planets

Planet McPlanetface


Beat me to it but I was thinking Globy McGlobeface

Or Globy McFlatFace

I hope someone comes up with a detailed backstory on how Plowie got from its home planet to Earth, and why it needed to return.


Planet McPlanetface or Globy McGlobeface let’s make it happen reddit, I mean CD!

Im surprised nobody has thought to name it Regolith and call it a day…

Why would you do such a thing, that would be Lunacy.

I see your meme and raise you:



North Dumpling planet

After watching the video, two things stuck with me:

  1. “It’s atmosphere is toxic”
    Does that hint to a possible player on the field wearing ‘gear’? Or no HPs on the field?

  2. “Ever-changing landscape is dangerous and inhospitable”
    Crap. Please, not an everlasting-gobstopper-of-time resetting the field like in 2016.
    Or even a metric crap ton of ‘gobster’ balls like in 2017…

Cue the rest of the crazy conspiracies of what this game will entail…

If it is too be another 2016-esque game of endless changes to the field, then I submit ‘Gobstopper’

Brian Maher

I was actually thinking that this might be a really cool costume for this year. Expensive, but fully equipped you’ve got safety glasses (the face shield–if it’s up you’ll need actual safety glasses), a hard hat, hearing protection, and filtered air in case of fumes (which also gives some slight AC).
Not going to go that route because it can be hard to communicate properly through the shield and outlet filter, but it would still be cool.
Oh, and from experience with the system, it isn’t all that hard to add lights to it if you think about it a little bit. Particularly if you get creative with velcro, tape, or clips on the lights. What astronaut doesn’t have some sort of lights on their suit?

I’m guessing they wouldn’t wanna call it VEX World…

Plowie? I think you’re speaking of Dozer. Though it is also known as Dozer the Dozerian, Dozer the Destructor, Dozer the Traveler, Volguus Zildrohar and Lord of the Sebouillia. Dozer is from another dimension and home planet will never be known.

Seriously, how about Urania, after the Muse of Astronomy?

a robot Planet Asimov wrote about

Two words:

Pizza. Planet.