Name this dog breed!

Ok, First the picture:

Now the Story: About a year ago the above animal was found around my home town. Orginally we thought it was a coyote of some sort. At first the town was a bit scared of it, but soon people were feeding it scraps, and it has its own doghouse near the edge of a field we first spoted him in. Very well manored animal, Infact for the past few months its been walking with my parents as they walk our 2 dogs. Its made friends with alot of the tows people. However, someone told the Toledo Blade (the local newspaper) about the coydog, and pressured the Mayor to do something about the wild coyote running around the town. Well, The Mayor, AKA My Uncle asked my parents to try and get it into our garage so one of the town cops can take it to his home where he has some room and experince taking care of wildish animals. Since it was used to us, and even had been in our house once, it came into our garage with no problems. Infact he even let my parents walk him with a leash. He also acts housebroken and hasnet made a mess of the garage or our back porch, except for spilling a bowl of water. All this started to get me curious if this was infact a coyote or a coydog or maybe just a stray someone didnet want any more. So you make the call, what breed is this dog? Me and my friend think its a Shiba Inu Mix. Im hoping if i can figure the dogs breed out, it may help get it a good home and keep it from any danger.

I think I agree with you on that. I just saw a picture of the Shiba Inu, and I really think the dog is an exact replica of it practically.

Try going to a Petsmart or any petstore near you and ask them what the breed is. I’m sure they’ll be able to help you! =)

Good luck finding the dog a home. He’s too cute to pass up.

i agree on the shiba mix. seen plenty of shibas in japan (shibas are japanese dogs originally) but first thing you can tell its not a pure is the tail. shibas will have short curled tails. like as if the tip were always wanting to touch the base of the tail from the upwards direction. and the color. whered the black come from?

First off, Thanks to everyone who commented! I just talked to my mom about “Buddy” (The new name of the dog):

Apparently a local Walbridge lady took him to the vet, And found out that its a purebreed Shiba Inu. Apparently from what my mom said now his tail does curl up on his back, so go figure! He is all groomed now, and is being well taken care of as they try to find him a new home.

Toledo Blade Artcle about “Buddy”

Im glad no harm is going to come to buddy! Its a pitty i cant have a dog were i live right now, otherwise i would give him a great home!

So thanks again everyone!