Named Commands not Appearing

First time trying NamedCommands in PathPlanner. Have read through the documentation and think followed it, but named commands are not showing up. I looked at other solutions and the NamedCommands are being created before commands.

I don’t think they show up automatically. You just have to type them in…


It’s not worth the effort to try and index all of your code to find NamedCommands that are created, thus human cranial content compensation is required.


I don’t know what you mean by “not showing up” but I’m assuming that you’re expecting to see your named commands show up the in Pathplanner UI. Here’s the part of their documentation that talks about Event Markers and Autos, which Pathplanner would use with Named Commands.

If you just Ctrl-F for Named Commands, there are two warning boxes that say you must press Enter to save them. So maybe you’re not pressing Enter after typing them in when you define them in your autos or events.

Thanks! Just an enter key. I feel sheepish.
That clears up the warning. I guess I was expecting it to pull the names from the project.

No worries! Enjoy! It is an amazing tool!