Naming Rights for FIRST?

Those of you living in Kansas City probably already know what this thread is about just by reading the Title. For those of you who don’t here is the rundown: In March 2011, Sporting Kansas City, the KC MLS Soccer team, announced that they would be naming their brand new stadium Livestrong Sporting Park and donate no less than $7.5 MILLION over a course of 6 years to Livestrong. After almost two years of this agreement and certain PR disasters with someone related to Livestrong, the team and Livestrong have parted ways. While the name of the stadium is, for now, Sporting Park (the Livestrong signs went down overnight), the ownership group, according to CEO and part owner Robb Heineman, is looking for someone else to take over the naming rights, preferably another non-for-profit. Since two members of the ownership group own a large company that supports local FIRST teams and FIRST in total (Cerner), I feel FIRST has a strong chance in getting the rights. I have made a very rough sketch of what this might look like (obviously, I have no rights in this sketch to the logos, and all the other lawyer jargon).
Thoughts on the name or anything else (besides the bad picture)?

If you can get the right people at FIRST to see this, it would be an amazing step forward. I hope you follow through!

You would do this by bringing it to their attention.

Email [email protected] (since it’s about naming, they’d be the best department, I guess.)
Tweet to them @firstweets
Or, go on the official facebook page and start posting: Redirecting...

FIRST staff reads CD but not nearly enough to get a complete survey every day. So bring it to them!

I did all of these except Facebook, and the reply by email was:

We have passed this correspondence on to the appropriate member of our leadership team, but it is unlikely that we will actively pursue this opportunity right now. If we have an interest in the future, we will be in touch.