NASA Channel Champs Broadcast?

So, my family and I were watching the amazing events unfold at St. Louis this weekend via the NASA channel. However, at 3pm Pacific time, NASA shut off their broadcast and went back to the normal schedule. Most of the matches on Einstein still hadn’t been played. I’ve known for them to stop broadcasting when matches were over, even if awards weren’t finished, but never before the main event was complete.

My theory is that there was a time mix up. Normally Championships is on Eastern time, as it was held in Atlanta. However, this year, as some of you may have noticed, it was on Central.

Anyway, posting that here as I didn’t see any other threads about it, and wanted to see if it was just my house. If it wasn’t, I hope that this is fixed for next year. I know that my team at least always told sponsors and family members that some of the competition was broadcast on the NASA channel, and you don’t want to disappoint them.

Yea, I had the same problem during the Awards/Finals. It happens every year, I do believe NASA is pre-programing their schedule to stop broadcasting at 6pm (EST) no matter what is going on at the event.

Most years, when the event was in the eastern time zone it got through 90% of the matches and awards. Once it cut off right in the middle of the Chairman’s announcement, back when it used to be the last thing announced. This year being in the CST it cut off at 6pm EST but the event is an hour behind NASA head quarters.

I would suggest giving parents and sponsors the link to the webcast information along with NASA TV because the NASA webcasts don’t cut off before the awards are over. Or I would suggest writing a petition letter or a request of some fashion to have someone on staff to make sure we get NASA TV coverage until everything is complete and Dean and Woody sign off on another season.

They were still going strong on the Red Alliance all the way to the end of Einstein

We had a good group chat going,
As long as that kid from 1241 wasn’t spamming the list.

Being able to say, “Oh, it will be on the NASA Channel on <Date>” has always been nice though. Especially if family that isn’t technically adept wants to watch and all the people that would normally help them with these things are competing and can’t help from there.

I think it would be a good thing to for FIRST to do, as it would be something that could help spread awareness about FIRST easily. It’s one thing to hear about FIRST, and another to watch a competition, especially championships, in full swing. That’s the sort of thing that can get a lot of interest.

On behalf of Team 1241, I’d like to apologize for any rudeness/poor display of courtesy shown by anyone on my team! If you could please PM me any information that could help me identify this individual along with a description of what they said/implied, appropriate action will be taken. Once again, I sincerely apologize for the disruption in viewing and enjoying of one of the best celebrations in recent FIRST history!