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Hi all!

For those of you who received a NASA grant for the past year, did you receive an email reminding you about the end of season survey? We didn’t and I was just trying to figure if my ISP bit-bucketed it.

Thank you!


548 got the survey a few weeks ago. Can’t speak to specifics since I’m not the point of contact. Just that we sent it out to our team for out students to do.

I did not receive any reminder either (I am the contact person, and got emails about the start-of-season survey but nothing about the end-of-season one).

We got the Veteran Sustaining Grant, if there’s any trend there.


We also received a Veteran Sustaining grant too.

Thank you 548 and 668 for taking the time to reply!

The survey is supposed to be in your portal if I remember correctly and you can send it to your kids.

In my portal is showing it as past due and closed. I emailed Drew Price about potentially reopening it if possible. We are also a sustaining grant recipient.

I’ll shoot Drew another email along with this thread. Seems we aren’t the only ones who my have missed completing this.

Fwiw this is the portal view. The survey is now closed if you follow your unique link.

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Yeah, my portal is the same, it’s showing as past due and closed.

Quick update: Drew is awesome and is looking into potentially extending the exit survey period.

If he’s able to open it back up, use the unique link generated in the portal and send to your students.


@Trying_to_Help @snichols

Drew reopened the survey!

Again, please go to your portal, click Surveys in the menu, and then you can share the link to your kids.


Please pass along my heartfelt thanks to Drew! Emails have been sent, Discord pings have happened and at least one text message has been sent. And @Akash_Rastogi thank you so much for contacting Drew! This is a great message to see at the end of a long day.

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That’s awesome, thanks Akash! Just sent out the link to my students :slight_smile:

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