NASA FRC grant information

The application process for NASA sponsorship of teams for the 2008-2009 FIRST Robotics Competition season will open on September 19, 2008. Teams that are considering applying for NASA team grants may want to start to prepare their applications early. To learn more, please view the application directions and application guide. As always, please review the directions and required information carefully and completely before submitting an application.



Thanks, Dave.

I noticed the following on the application directions page:

“Due to decisions beyond our control that limit full accessibility of the FRC program, we regret that we cannot offer sponsorship to Michigan teams. Grant applications for NASA Regional Challenge Grants and NASA Program Growth Grants from Michigan teams will not be accepted.”

I think that information is probably something affected teams should know about sooner rather than later. So make sure you read the documents in their entirety as soon as you can.

Is this available for all teams or just 1st or 2nd year teams.

There are 2 types. The first is only available to 1st and 2nd year teams. The 2nd is the Regional Challenge Grant which gives sponsorship to up to 10 veteran teams per selected regional which are newer regionals. Its on the site.

Veteran teams can apply for a grant if they are attending the inaugural Washington D.C. Regional. They can also apply for a program growth grant, but will only be considered after all the rookies and second year teams that applied.

Agreed. Which is one of the reasons why we wanted to put out the information and instruction sheets as early as possible, even before the application period opened. The other limitations are just as important - particularly the one about awarded teams from last year completing all their requirements before submitting a new application. There are several teams that have still not fulfilled their requirements from last year, and they will need to take corrective actions before they can apply for 2009 (nudge, nudge, if you still have not sent in your CA submission as required).

PLEASE read the information that has been posted. It is all spelled out quite clearly therein.



Note the definition of veteran teams (it is different then it has been in the past). It is only teams whose rookie year was 2007, ie 3rd year teams.

Edit: Never mind. See below. For the sake of clarity, the “or earlier” should go before the long parenthetical, as it tends to get lost. If doing that, the long parenthetical should become its own sentence.

“Veteran - A Veteran Team is any team registered with FIRST that had their rookie year during the 2007 FRC competition season (the 2007 competition season refers to the FRC season that began in January 2007) or earlier.”

For clarity, it includes teams from 2007 and earlier – not just 2007. :slight_smile:


If you are a veteran team, you can only get sponsored if you attend the Capitol Regional (Washington DC).

Is that still closed for non-USA teams?

That is not correct. PLEASE read the information that has been posted, completely and carefully.

Please read the “Limitations” section. It is all there.



it is great that NASA offers these grants. Does NASA offer any similar type of grants for ftc, vex, botball or other programs that don’t cost over $5,000? Our principal won’t let us start an FRC team because it’s just too expensive, but she will let us enter any of the programs that cost under $5,000. We’re hoping to do vex and maybe ftc this year, and some of our programming students are asking me about botball - so if NASA offers any grants for other programs that would be great for us.

As a second year team we are looking to apply for this grant, but it makes it sound like only second year teams that were excepted the first year are eligible. Is that right? We started last years team a few days before the grant was due so never submitted a rookie app.

Your interpretation is correct according to the definitions on the NASA site.


For the purposes of applying for a NASA sponsorship, FRC teams are grouped into three categories - “rookie,” “second-year” and “veteran.” In all cases, we accept the identifications provided by FIRST to determine into which category a particular team may fall. The categories are defined as follows:

* Rookie - A Rookie Team is one that is entering the FRC competition for the first time. For this application process, we use the criteria provided by FIRST (which can be found at - to determine if a team is a rookie or not.

* Second-Year - A Second-Year Team is one that was identified by FIRST as a rookie team during the 2008 competition season (the 2008 competition season refers to the FRC season that began in January 2008) **AND was sponsored by NASA during the 2008 competition season**. To be eligible to apply for a second-year NASA grant, the team must have successfully registered, created a team, built a robot, competed in at least one 2008 FRC competition event, and successfully completed all the requirements of their NASA grant.

* Veteran - A Veteran Team is any team registered with FIRST that had their rookie year during the 2007 FRC competition season (the 2007 competition season refers to the FRC season that began in January 2007) or earlier.

sigh thats what I thought, second major grant that has come our way that we are not eligible for for some pesky reason.

Our team finalized its submission on Thursday. Since there are still 23 days left until the submission deadline, I (along with a few other veteran mentors) thought it might be a good idea to share some NASA grant writing tips.

Personally, this is the third time I’ve been involved in this process with two different teams and every time I participate I learn more. Good luck to all applying and THANK YOU NASA for the opportunity to apply for funding.

terrific resource for the teams. Thanks for taking the time to write and post!

Your “6th Thing to keep in Mind” is “Say Thank You.”
Every year I get this question.
“Who do we thank and where does it get sent?”
Is there contact information included in the application for followup?

There is the general email box that goes along with question 7a and Dave posted this last year:

Dave, is Dr. Green still the best person to send a thank you to?