NASA Grant 2004-05?

Hello, Posters. Does anyone have any new information on the NASA grants for the FIRST 2004-05 season? I’m having difficulty locating it. I’m basically looking for when it is available, the deadline, and the website I can check it’s status from. From applying last year, I think I remember the application process being sometimes September or October. Thank you for the help!

Last year’s information to give you a rough idea of dates.

Don’t look for anything until at least the start of the fiscal year (October 1, 2004). When applications for the NASA grants become available, they will be announced on the FIRST home page. Watch there for news.


Doesn’t this effect which regional you select as your first choice? If you are going for a NASA grant don’t you have to select a NASA sponsored event as your first choice? If you select it as your second choice will the grant only pay the $4,000 entry fee in stead of the $6,000? Can anyone answer this before the first selections are made Sept 30th?