NASA Grant 2020?

Does anyone know anything about the status of NASA’s grant disbursements? The website notes that decisions would be released during the week of the 11th, but with the registration deadline just around the corner it’d be good to know if anyone else has already received funds so we can know what to expect for the 18th.

They usually release the list of funded teams at the end of the week. I would expect to see something tomorrow.

Usually the list goes up on their website first and then they will send emails out to teams. I can’t recall if the emails came out the same day as the list though. I will look through my emails from last year and see if I can find it.


I’d frequently check their page. I was there the second it came up. I dont know if we ever recieved an email but I know my mentor did. Good luck!

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Do you mean you already received an email for this year, or are you referring to last year’s disbursements? Thanks for the help!

Im pretty sure they are referring to a previous year, because I have checked their website and there is nothing.

If I had to guess the awards list will be posted at the below URL (previous yesrs have followed this format with only the year in the URL changing):

Referring to last year, sorry! I wrote that after a long day lol.

The waiting is killing me. This grant is the difference between relaxing and baking cookies for a bake sale to cover registration. :slightly_smiling_face:


Suggestion - do it anyway.


I know exactly how you feel. We are waiting to hear back too. It might be brownies for us. Good luck to your team. :grinning:

Thats’ a big Brownie, Good luck to all the rookie teams and others who applied

Anybody else hear anything ?

Not yet, checking periodically though.

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I checked throughout the day but didnt see anything.

I guess tomorrow is still technically the week of November 11, but I wouldn’t expect it to come out on a Saturday.

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Still nothing yet…
Although the Robotics Alliance Project site says that:

“It is our plan to announce selections no later than the Week of November 11, 2019. Please note that this is our current best estimate for the announcement date. The date may have to change due to circumstances beyond our control. If this should happen, a revised estimate of the announcement date will be posted on the RAP web site as quickly as possible.”

The post award date estimate (Week of November 11th) still hasn’t changed.

Registration is due tommorow…ahhhh

Having been a two-year NASA grant recipient in the past, including not getting it at first but then being added after the fact as a rookie: Get another $5k anyway. You’ll spend it, whether on travel or parts or a Championship contingency fund.

Yeah, we have about 9k on top of the nasa grant from sponsors. We were just gana use the nasa grant money for the registration, not sure what to do now

FIRST is clearly aware of the NASA grants, so I wouldn’t be in panic mode just yet. But if you want to be thorough, give FIRST Finance a ring at 1-800-871-8326 ext 563 tomorrow for official guidance.


If you have the funds on hand you can always go ahead and pay your registration fee tomorrow. If you receive the NASA grant you can then request a "regrant " through your first inspires account and FIRST will send you a check.

But like @Billfred said, I’m sure FIRST is well aware of the delay in the NASA grant announcement. A call to HQ should be all you need to do in the meantime.

I called FIRST this morning and spoke to someone in the Finance Department. They said teams could send in a PO today to reserve their registration spot, if they are waiting on NASA funding. If they receive the NASA Grant they could then withdraw the PO.

I was also transferred to Amanda, the person that oversees the NASA Grants at FIRST, but had to leave her a voicemail. I will report back here if I get a call back.