NASA Grant Chairmans submission?

We are a Rookie team who got the NASA grant, and we are somewhat confused on the nature of the submission we must send to NASA. Are we required to send the entire contents as shown in Rule #, or just the essay containing the content as described in Thanks for any help.

A e-mail was sent out to the contact listed as to who to submit the copy of the award submission to. (The e-mail is below). From the e-mail, it sounds like they just want the essay portion. An e-mail address was included. If you need that please PM me and I’ll give it to you, I didn’t want to list it here.

Hi NASA-sponsored FIRST teams,

As noted in the grant application, all teams receiving a NASA sponsorship
are required to complete and submit a Chairman’s Award nomination to FIRST,
and provide a copy of the nomination to NASA. Note that if your team is a
rookie team, then your submission to FIRST will be for the “Rookie All-Star”
award instead of the Chairman’s Award, but the included material will be
essentially the same.

Thanks. Do you know where in the rules section we can find the essay criteria? We’re not exactly sure what we should write about, though we know it should emphasize community involvement, outreach etc. Thanks