NASA Grant for 2018 FRC season

Here it is…The NASA Grant is open.

Do any other regionals apply other than Rocket City for veteran teams? Last year we applied there and didn’t get it. How it’s written it seems like it would give grants for new regionals but I think that it probably only applies to NASA regionals. For example the Heartland Regional is new this year but I don’t think there’s any NASA grants for it.

BTW we had a great time in Huntsville and maybe it is worth applying to again. Normally we aren’t headed to the same place when it is an 11 hour drive.

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NASA lists all the regionals they will award the Regional Challenge grants for. Last year it was also only Rocket City, but in 2016 it was Rocket City and NY Tech Valley.

We went to Tech Valley on that premise and so did a few other teams.
But that year, ALL of the Challenge Grants went to Rocket City and none went to Tech Valley.

Aerospace Valley is now on there as well.

Hmmmmm. We pretty much need to do a week 6, and getting a grant to do AVR will effectively wrap it in a bow.

This is the first year my team applied for the NASA grant so we aren’t used to this process. I noticed last year they apparently gave a date that they expected to release the results. I don’t recall seeing any date this year. Should I expect to find out before 1st regional payment is due?

They are supposed to notify teams this week.

Did anyone get notified yet?

Awards went out on 11/22 last season.

Application said week of 11/13.

It’s not uncommon for NASA announcements to be delayed;)

Uggggg… Hopefully they come out soon! Do they often give to veteran teams?

Here is the list of Teams from last year.

any word yet??? none here

Let’s see…

Per SenorZ, the application said “Week of” 11/13. What that means is that sometime this week, they plan to announce the winners.

That does not necessarily mean that they will announce ON 11/13. It means that at any point between start of business on 11/13 (Monday) and close of business on 11/17 (Friday)–or possibly into Saturday/Sunday–the winners will be announced.

BUT! This is a government agency. That means that there are any number of things that could affect that timeline, including lack of a budget from Congress, major launch campaigns, or just plain ol’ red tape. (I seem to recall the government shutdown a couple years back delaying grant announcements.) It could be that there are more teams applying–with valid applications, mind you–than there are grants available, and that means that tough decisions need to be made.

I’m pretty positive that once the decisions are made, the list will land on CD very rapidly after it’s made public, and naturally emails will be sent out right about that time too. Don’t be worried that you’ve missed something–you won’t miss it unless there’s something terribly wrong.

Aren’t the teams supposed to pay the 1st regional event registration fee by 11/20 Monday? We are a rookie team hoping to get either the NASA or FRC-rookie grant. But if we do not get any e-mail regarding either of these by next Monday, is it implied that we are not chosen for this grant? What will happen if we do not pay the fee by 11/20 evening 5pm (in the hope that we aren’t denied the grant, but it is just a communication delay) ?

I’m guessing the link will be…

If you replace 2018 with any year going back to 2012, it shows the list. I stopped tested at 2012.

FIRST Finance is well aware of any delays in grant notifications and they don’t immediately take you off an event list just because payment hasn’t recorded by 11-20. When in doubt give them a call and explain your situation. They are very good about working with teams that may not have the ‘check’ in FIRST’s hand on 10-11.

Has anyone heard anything about the NASA Grant? Our team applied for it and we were just wondering when the recipients were supposed to be announced.

Last week. There’s been a few other threads asking the same question.

That said, it’s not unprecedented for the grant announcement to be delayed a few days, or even a couple of weeks.