NASA grant information

Does anyone have any information about NASA grants for this year.??

I just want to get the straight story about this…


Thanks for the site. I was actually referring to information regarding this year’s NASA grants … I had heard some things and was wondering if anyone really knew…

thanks for the help


This year is 2007-2008, so that link is the most updated info there is.

It appears that they’re being offered again for the upcoming season, but there’s no information yet about which regionals will be included in the grant or how much each grant will cover. Presumably, of the new regionals, Hawaii will have the support of NASA grants, but the others may not.

Is the NASA grant for teams without any other sponsorships or for everyone?

thanks, vivek

Historically, the NASA grant is awarded to rookie and second-year teams competing at one of the many NASA-sponsored regional events. Also, NASA has sometimes offered grants to rookie and veterans alike as incentive to attend recently established regionals.

Thank you. By the way, for any teams that are at the minneapolis regional, team 2264 will be there to help (when we dont require severe help ourselves of course:) ).

Just hang on and wait until event registrations open on October 1. Information regarding the availability, application process, and schedule for the 2008 NASA grant program will be available then. Watch the FIRST web site for more information - links to the pertinent information and web sites will be posted there.