NASA Grant Release Date

The release date for the awarded teams is the week of November 7th. In past years, has it been close to this date or not? As it is a very close date to registration being due it may be problematic if we don’t hear the results until late that week.

Thanks in advance


Still hopeful

In past years, it has released just before/very close to the FIRST payment deadline. I do remember that in a recent year (maybe last year?) FIRST adjusted the payment deadline to allow NASA a few more days to finalize decisions. I think some of FIRST’s grants are determined after they know which rookie teams have NASA grants, so they’re probably watching this announcement closely, too.


I don’t have any insight in to when the NASA Grant will be announced, but in terms of the payment deadline I received the following email on Wednesday:


I check the website everyday :slight_smile: Last year it felt significantly delayed and hoping not the same this year. Last year’s grant was posted to our account on Nov 24. We missed out on First Choice round 1 unfortunately. But we’ll take all of the support we can get and are grateful for it


So should I just not pay until I know if we got it or not?

That’s what the email blast to LM said to do.

We’re waiting for the NASA Grant too, hopefully it comes out soon.

I jumped on Discord here in Colorado last night and asked a few other NASA granted teams from previous years what they saw in the way of payment time period. They all said the same thing, and basically it was to just be patient, NASA seems to run late on a regular basis. They also suggested a phone call being made to FIRST headquarters to tell them of your situation and FIRST will work with you to make sure that you still get to make your payment even though you will be late once, NASA publishes their grants.


Looks like previously they sent it out the 24th

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I just got off the phone with FIRST. They are asking teams to send an email to

[email protected]


Mentor name,
Team number,
and reason for asking for a payment extension.

Hope this helps!

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Does anyone know the grant amount this year for second-year teams? I don’t see it anywhere on the page. Just wondering, since first region prices went up. (last year it was supposed to be $6K for first year, $5K for second year, but everyone pays $6K now).

And I want to give a huge thank you to NASA for sponsoring so many teams! FRC would not be the same (or possibly even exist?) without you!

I have a similar question. We are honored and humbled to have been awarded a Program Growth Grant as a veteran team, but there’s no email and no notice in our portal of the value of our grant. I believe that as a veteran team recipient (as opposed to first- or second-year), the value of the grant may be at NASA’s discretion based on the available funds after the other grants have been dispersed.

Or do the other grant requirements have to be met (Entrance Survey and Institutional Support Letter) first? We’ve not gone through this process with NASA as a veteran team before so I honestly don’t know what to expect.

I’m guessing they will get posted to your lead coaches’ dashboard in a day our two (I was just curious if anyone knew, as I am always impatient with funding-related knowledge even though I know they take a while). If you log in your account on the NASA grants page where you submitted, it gives those deadlines.

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The grant just showed up in our team’s FIRST dashboard a short time ago

Does anyone know why the entrance survey for our team is now closed, even though only 8 of our members filled it out? The status says “satisfied”, but the page also says that all team members must fill it out prior to kickoff

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$6000! We got funded and we’re “veteran” and it was for $6K! So, I’m sure it’s $6000 for you, too!


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