NASA Grant Winners? [2010-2011]

Is the link to this page up yet?

I keep looking and checking here…

Trying to Help

Just noted in Bill’s Blog… Come back on Nov 29th…

i’d been checking and refreshing the page all morning.


That would be the WEEK of the 29th. Which means expect the announcement on December 3rd, and you won’t be disappointed if they announce it earlier than then.

Who says I can’t be a glass is half full person? :rolleyes:

Day two of the week of the 29th and nothing yet.

Gonna be a long week…

Agreed! My heart skipped when I saw the topic of this thread. :o

T-3 days

They should just give it to every team who applied :wink:

you can say that again, this depends on whether my team competes or not as all of our other resources are non monetary.

bleh, the wait is getting harder and harder… please give us an answer soon nasa… somehow our team got the ptc grant but we’re still a grand short :confused: the team members worked there tails off fundraising this year… the economy is horrible

Every time I see this thread I suddenly get excited but then my hopes are crushed… GAH NASA! maybe the cookie thing works with NASA too, or do we have to sing a song?

May I formally request that nobody posts in this thread until the actual information is released?
Same goes with the Game Hint threads :yikes:

…water game :stuck_out_tongue:

TIMS says that the payment is due Dec 02, 2010 08:00 PM???

Is that right?

For your Initial Event Registration.

For all other registered regionals, your payment is due 1/28/11

Link to calender of important dates:

That is when registration closes. Payment is due 12/3/10. There is no time listed.

Oops, should I have looked at my own link I posted.

From Bill’s Blog
“NASA grants should be awarded in the next 24 hours! Keep your fingers crossed!” Today on Wednesday, December 1, 2010

They Just got posted, congratulations to all teams who received a grant!

And thank you NASA and AUTODESK for sponsoring!