NASA Grants Posted

A list of the 2006-2007 FIRST Sponsorship Grants provided by the NASA Robotics Alliance Project is now available to view here.


This is awesome.

168 teams supported in 2007!

Thanks NASA & everyone involved.

PS - if you received a grant last year, you may need to submit some documentation from 2006 to receive the 2007 support. Be sure to check the details onthe NASA listing to be sure you don’t lose your grant!

w00t! Thank you NASA for your ongoing support of this wonderful program. Thanks to the 696 students who worked hard to write the responses to the questions. I am so happy right now, I just can’t explain it. I will make it my personal responsibility to plaster (in an elegant fashion) the NASA logo all over everything we have this year (provided that is okay with NASA). Congratulations to all the recipient teams!

Depending on whether these grants are for 1st or 2nd regionals that’s a donation of between $672,000 and $1,008,000, just for this set of grants. Couple this with the 50+ space center grants, support for events, the house teams, and everything else NASA does and you get see they’re approaching an astronomical (i love puns) number.

Mind boggling. Thanks once again to NASA.

NASA, thank you so much! We’ll do you proud again, promise! :smiley:

Quick question, should we find a rookie team to mentor, or will one be provided to us?

Congratulations to all of the recipients. Thank you NASA for your support.

Thanks to the NASA Alliance Project for their continuing support of second year and rookie teams in Maryland!

Thank you so much to NASA for your support of rookie Team 2010 at Champion High School, and for your continued support of countless FIRST teams everywhere!

Good luck to all the teams that got grants…and congratulations

Unfortunately we did not get one… We are a new team or more properly
were a new team… I am not sure how we can put the money together now…

Are there any other new teams out there that did not get grants?
How are you going to handle it? Do you have suggestions?


I sorted the 168 total grants by state:

CA 27, WI 11, MI 9, LA 9, IL 9, NJ 8, VA 7, TX 7, OR 7, NV 7, MD 5, GA 5, FL 5, OK 4, MS 4, MN 4, IN 4, CT 4, CO 4, WA 3, SC 3, OH 3, NY 3, MO 3, MA 3, HI 2, TN 1, PR 1, PA 1, NH 1, NE 1, NC 1, KS 1, AK 1

My initial reaction was curiosity as to why California teams got such a large proportion (16%) of these grants. Then it came to me: only two other states have around 100 FRC teams (MI, NY) and neither of those other states added a new regional for 2007.

Thanks to NASA for support of our team! It’s a big boost for us, both in motivation and economically. Time to make some new flashy posters with our team number and a big NASA logo next to it!

If I interpret the proposal numbers right, about 30% of them didn’t get granted. For those who didn’t get one, don’t give up! The NASA sponsorship isn’t enough to cover a FIRST team anyway (only the registration, and there are many other costs), and we all need sponsors. It will just take some more work :wink:

Good luck to everyone this FIRST season!

1543 from poinciana high school got a NASA grant. thank u from the whole team.

Congratz to all the new teams and welcome to the Family! And as always thank you NASA for your continuous support of FIRST.
sheds a single tear for the local team not to be as there was no one collected to apply

Please note that the list of grant awards has been updated as of this evening. The selection of the University Space Grants has been completed, and a total of 44 additional grants are being awarded to teams in Arizona, District of Columiba, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Montana. See this page for more details.


Team 1852 would like to thank NASA publicly for their continued support of Team Amore. Thank You.

Congratulations everyone! And thank you NASA! So many of these teams couldn’t do it without you!

Thanks NASA from team 1446. We will be ready to rock at the Chesapeake Regional!