NASA Langely/VCU Regional: Where do we stand?

**We all want to know where everyone stands. Lets go ahead and ask the question:

Where do all the teams in the NASA Langely/VCU Regional stand on prepardness: Ready for Competition, Another day and we’ll be ready, Be ready by ship date or UP THE CREEK WITH A BOAT, PADDLE AND/OR ROBOT?

Team 616 is between Another day and by the Deadline :cool: .**

Team 122: Deadline? You mean we’ve gotta have this thing finished!

being up the creek w/o a paddle is an understatement. we haven’t even mounted our drill motors yet. ( or maybe they are mounted, I left a little early friday) we probably won’t be able to practice until competition, like always

for the most part were ready, the only real major problem we discovered in a recent test with our just finished A-frame is that our cg is too high and we tip :frowning: that’s hopefully going to be worked out tonight.
other then that, we seem to be pretty well off this year (i hope)

Good Luck everyone!

lol one hopes so, yes. but don’t worry if you guys don’t make it… it looks like very few really are

Yeah - 616 is doing decent, but we just keep finding more problems - mostly minor design flaws that can be fixed, we just don’t know if we will be able to fix everything we find by ship time.

Team 825 should be ready to go. We have just a bit more robot testing/driver training to do tomorrow (Tuesday, February 24), but our should be in the crate by Wednesday ready to go when it comes out of the crate next Wednesday/Thursday (except for attatching our siding with decals). Can’t wait!

Team 975 is doing okay, we still have autonomous mode to work out and some minor details, but we’re ready to go.

401 had several highly successful mechanical tests Saturday and Sunday. We were almost finished with all our mechanical systems, then we weighed in at 141.5 lbs. So today was spent drilling/milling holes. Hopefully we can have everything back together tomorrow and get a bit of autonomous code working and some more driver practice.

Well hmm… not sure how to put it…
We’re doing ok. We’re pulling another all-nighter tue-wed, and maybe one last one wed-thu depending on how things work out.
Our drive has been done for a while, and I think all the kinks are worked out. She drives like a stick of butter on a hot pan - slick.
As for our subsystems, they’re mostly done. Our goal hooks were repaired from the damage that was done on sunday, as well as our arm piece. We found that we can sucessfully hook the goals and uncap them without our gripper, but we have to hit a flat side of the mobile goal.
As for our gripper arm, we still havent gotten it running yet. We’re working on our folding mechanism; fitting in that start box is mighty tricky with our grabber :wink:
We’re looking forward to VCU, only a bit longer to go guys.
Look for The Claw TNG out on the field, you’ll recognize it as the robot with the giant 3 prong gripper.
Will post pics when complete, maybe even video.
Oh and as far as programming goes, we still need a bit of time…

UPDATE on 769, we will have a bot. It will move, and i’ll have a painted face. I can guarntee all of this.

Team 836 is ready. We finished building early all we were waiting on was programing, which finished up last night around 11:00 pm. Anyway team 836 is ready, drivers are trained we are under weight. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again and all of the fun times at the old country buffet.

the kid in the red hat
Team 836

384 is a nervious wreck. We are tired, exhaused, and totally tired. We have a bot, somewhat, and we will complete it at the regional. I don’t know if we will acutally get pictures of it up all nice a pretty like we did last year! :ahh:

422’s never been more ready. We have a working autonomous, lots of driving practice (including a couple of moves that will knock some socks off!), and a solid robot design. Right now we’re underweight by ~1 pound, but we still have some stickers to add so we’ll see how it goes. If anyone needs any help/supplies at Regionals (Sparky, I’m looking at you :slight_smile: ), feel free to stop by our pit and we’d be glad to help in any way we can.

At this time I’d like to ask where everyone is staying this year. Team 769 (6!+7^2) will be staying at the Holiday Inn Crossroads.

We’re staying at the Crowne Plaza in Richmond. I’m looking forward to team 33’s first trip to the VCU regional. Less than a week!

team 620: our drive works, our lift works, our arms work. but autonomius mode… whats that?

Oh, and as for progress, we’re ready, all subsystems work. We just need to make a tensioner for our rollers and put the graphics on and we’re ready to compete! Hopefully we get a few practice rounds in Thursday because my control box wasn’t done in reasonable time to practice, so I was doing everything on a makeshift control system with joysticks. Shouldn’t be too hard to learn, though.

Team 225 will be staying at Embassy Suites :slight_smile:

I’m getting pysched & ready to hang with some partners!!

Good luck to everyone :smiley:

Lisa T

Update: Team122 can hang pretty darn well (if I don’t say so myself) … and we have finally mastered the procedure to cap the 2x multiplier, picking it up from either the mobile goal or the ground. We carry a ramp with us, and so we can get up the stairs quite easily (it’s a beautiful sight, really). As far as autonomous goes, I would call it “god-like” – granted I am the one who programmed the thing and we didn’t get a chance to test it with full movement of the arms and such to knock down the ball(s) (but we do move where we are supposed to). Overall, we’re just excited about VCU – and are trying to catch up on 6+ weeks of sleep!