NASA Logo on Team Shirts

Our team recieved a rookie NASA grant, so we would like to include the NASA logo on our shirts and robot; however, the company producing our shirts has asked we get written permission from each sponsor to use their logo before they will print our shirts.

I have sent several emails NASA Robotics Alliance over the last 2 weeks, but have gotten no response. Does anyone know if grant recipients have permission to use the NASA logo? If so, how can I go about getting this in writing?

Our deadline for ordering shirts is fast approaching so if I don’t hear anything soon we will be forced to leave the logo off.

Doesn’t NASA expect their logo on the shirts? You may be able to find that language in a past email from them and try it that way.

See the following link.

Look specifically under the “Requirements” subheading, item 1. If you are in receipt of a formal NASA grant for FRC in 2018 I would think this is sufficient permission.

I had a similar problem with a vendor and all we had to do was add the words “Sponsored by:” at the top of our shirt backs.

Though there was a logo with a ® in it that bugged them. So I edited the ® out and they were fine with it.

I knew I had read something like that somewhere. Thanks for finding that! I will send that to the shirt designer and see if it helps!

Thanks again!

Heh, could you find a new shirt company?

Well, it’s the Sector Six Jerseys that Brandon from Cooler Master had posted about on here a while back. They are the ESports jerseys and the team really likes them and the design that they made for us.

But, yes…i have considered that over the last 2 weeks as I’ve tried to get permission from each of our sponsors. It’s been a headache .

We have ordered dozens of shirts over the gear with FTC and other things, around have never had to do this before. Even when ordering with Custom Ink and similar large companies.

Is Sector Six requiring it? They might just be trying to cover themselves a little. Small price to pay to look hella legit.

Also, any team can use our logo on their uniforms. All we want is a pic so we can brag about it.

Well, the graphic designer that is designing the jersey asked for it, which I think is just working “freelance” for Sector Six.

But we got it straightened out. We ended up going with a custom design for our jersey through Sector Six instead of the standard design in the original order you posted. But they are still only $28, we just had to pay a $60 design fee, for the custom design. Which I didn’t think was bad.

Here is the design we are going with:

LOL those look great! Excellent work.

Thanks! We really like them!

Thanks for making us aware of that offer!