NASA logo

This is our first year as a NASA team. Does anyone have the NASA logo in .ai format for use with hi-res graphics work? Please email me at [email protected]

I dont have your logo, sorry, if u can’t find one that u want email me at [email protected] and send me a small version and i’ll trace it in illustrator for you…mmmm, vector graphics

nasa is a great sponsor, im expecting alot out of your team, good luck this year


Thanks for the offer, we have Illustrator and can figure it out though. We need to learn the process anyway. I was just wondering if someone already had a file. Take care and we hope to see the Bombsquad at nationals again this year.

-Rich Kressly
103 Advisor

Here is the largest logo I could find…


I have put three high-res versions of the NASA logo on our team web site. You can get them here:

 - [NASA Logo - jpeg]( 
 - [NASA Logo - eps]( 
 - [NASA Logo - pict]( 

Use as needed.


Thanks Dave! Somehow, I knew you’d respond.