NASA National convention on technology

Team 121 made a presentation at the NASA national convention center Monday and Tuesday of this week. It was preatty cool. Lots of small business and other people were impressed of what FIRST has accomplished. Bob was there from Buz Robotics doing work for his company. I have pictures but I will post them probably tommorow.

There are a few reasons 12 made a presentation. They are a NASA team (main sponsor and engineer source), their mentors are cool, and they had an awesome robot.

Well since there is no team 12, I’m assuming you meant 121 there.

Uh, we’re not NASA.

Eddie, don’t be a pain, you know what meant.

Uh, we’re not NASA.

Is that a question or a comment?

It’s the truth. We’re not NASA.

I think Carolyn mistook 121 for 122 which is a nasa team :wink:

Yup, and I just realized it. Stupid dyslexia.
Thanks Joe :slight_smile:

We are in no way sponsor by NASA. We were the lesion or Contact for FIRST at this technology conference. But we talked to a bunch of high end business people, who seamed very interested in first. Here is a good article to sum it up.

Okay, okay, just a little off topic, but GO JOE!!! Thanks for the un-asked for shout out. :wink: And as for Carolyn, we’re NASA, but you knew that.

~Tom~, who ends up spending a lot of time with NASA guys during the school year.