Nasa Phoenix Mars Lander logo similar to firefox logo?

Does anyone else see the similarity?


NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander logo:

Hmm… Could be just a coincidence, but it looks greatly inspired by Firefox’s logo.

i find the actual ironic thing about this is the original name of fire fox was Phoenix until they got sued by Phoenix bios company…interesting how things come full circle some times.

Defiantly, all of the same line types are used and all of the colors are used. the only difference is the mars background other than that they look very similar. they both though look very good but they just seem to be to similar.

They are very similar I like Mr.Needel’s point about the names and I think Elgin just likes to start trouble. :eek: Very cool rover at any rate. :wink:


Or… you might conclude it was the other way around.

Firefox was selected as the browser name by The Mozilla Foundation in February 2004. It is reasonable to assume that the Firefox logo did not exist until shortly prior to the selection of “Firefox” as the name of the product. The Phoenix mission was proposed to NASA in 2002. Peter Smith’s original proposal to NASA included the Phoenix logo on the cover.


hahhaahaaaa. Thats great. It reminds me of that situation with the kelloggs frosted flakes tiger that was accused of being stolen from some plumbing organization with the same logo and they sued over it. hehe.

If I recall properly, the Phoenix logo was similar to the Firefox logo. Anyways, some of the best designs include inspirations from others. There is nothing wrong with being inspired by someone else’s artistic work as long as it isn’t a rip-off.