NASA Picture Of The Day - DC regional

Today’s NASA Image Of The Day Gallery featured this shot of the DC Regional competition:

(image NASA/Bill Ingalls)

I spy with my little eye… A fan!

That’s a great picture though, thanks for posting it up.

Very cool photo.

Thanks for getting it into the NASA Gallery for all to see!

Looks like the TechnoKats really “blew away” the competition!

Is it a bad thing that I can tell you that’s the end of autonomous (or close to it) in SF 1-2?

I believe that is about a second or two into teleop judging by the display in the background.

Nope, it just means you’re right at home with the rest of us…

Great picture…

Don’t worry, I could also tell, upon first glance, that it was either the very end of auton or the beginning of teleop.

Drive teams jumping to the controls would indicate the beginning of teleop.

I have the NASA PotD on my iGoogle homepage. So this was a pleasant surprise when I saw it pop up.