NASA Robotics Academy

NASA asked us to post this:

**Deadline: **January 31, 2006

The NASA Robotics Academy’s ten week resident summer internship for students interested in robotics seeks to cultivate and sustain interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields, and to address the gap in the robotics pipeline at the college freshmen and sophomore level. This is achieved by enabling hands-on alliances with NASA, academic institutions, and industry partners, with whom students work to achieve high-level technical deliverables in mechanical and electrical engineering, and computer science. Academic engineering credit from Carnegie Mellon University and University of Maryland will be given to thirty-six student participants working in nine separate labs that are co-hosted in the areas of two NASA centers – Ames Research Center and Goddard Space Flight Center (Students at Ames will be given credit from Carnegie Mellon, and Goddard students will be given credit from U. Maryland.)

The sponsoring Principal Investigator (PI) of each lab sets the direction and oversees week-to-week progress to guide the students toward their goals. Each team of four students will consist of three undergrad students - Interns - and a graduate student with extensive robotics experience and advanced robotics study - the Team Lead. Team Leads support the PIs by providing technical guidance and managing the project on a daily basis. Two professors from each participating university will serve as a Dean to the groups, meeting weekly to assess achievement of goals and to guide students with engineering or career-related advice. The interns will also participate in enriching activities such as a group project, lectures, field trips and meetings with leaders in the field.

**Deadline: January 31, 2006
** Dates:
June 3, 2006 - August 12, 2006

Did anyone else apply for this? I did.

I wanted to, but supposedly for this one and for most of the others, you have to live near the center, which is not that good for those of us who don’t… :cool:

good luck getting in! :]

I applied for those… and they provide housing for you while you are there. I didn’t see anywhere that you had to live nearby.

Last year’s group came from all over the US. Housing is provided.
It’s going to be competitive this year. Lots of applicants.
Good luck to all.

I was a team lead for this program at Goddard last year. If anyone’s got any questions about it, let me know – I’m happy to answer.

sounds cool I should probably look it in too it in the near future.

Has anybody heard anything back from NASA yet? It’s definitely after March 31st now…

Last year, I heard about a week after the supposed notification date. Don’t panic too much. :slight_smile:

Not to break any bad news to anybody but I heard last week and my brother heard a couple days ago. We are both going to the program. Currently he’s headed to the AMES center out on the West coast and I’m going to the Goddard Space Center on the East coast. Its a little backward since I prioritized Ames and then Goddard and he did the opposite but I’m not complaining. It looks like it will be a blast!

Rock on! Congrats! Do you know which project you’re on?

Nope all they’ve done is give me a vauge, “we’re sending you paperwork to fill out.” So maybe once i’ve passed secruity clearance stating that I won’t reveal government FIRST robot designs to other countries I’ll find out.

YES! I’m going to Ames! dances

I heard back from Ames’ Gigapan project today. I know housing is provided but is there a stipend? It’s either this or Booz Allen Hamilton in DC.

Hey, I’m doing Gigapan, too. My understanding is that the stipend is $4000.

There is a stipend in addition to housing. Sounds like you folks are getting a raise from last year, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats to all those below. I recognize some of the names… :slight_smile:

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - Office of Higher Education Combined Intern Application
2006 Awards for the OHE Combined Intern Application Please note that the Summer Faculty program has not finalized its list.

Name Program
Ackner, Nir (7141) Robotics-Ames
Aguero, Alison (6159) SIECA
Alfred, Joshua (4844) SIECA
Andersen, Jason (14385) Academy-Marshall
Anderson, Margaret (16103) SIP
Anderson, Ryan (4985) Academy-Goddard
Anzalone, Evan (17810) Academy-Marshall
Armstrong-Crews, Nicholas (16021) Robotics-Ames
Arvanites, Rebecca (10675) SAWDRIP
Axelrod, Benjamin (12199) Robotics-Goddard
Aziz, Azfar (8498) Academy-Marshall
Baca, Dan (18740) Academy-Goddard
Bachynski, Erin (8869) Robotics-Goddard
Bazley, Jesse (74) Academy-Marshall
Benz, Alexis (21523) SIP
Bloom, Jacci (3687) Academy-Marshall
Brown, Kamara (12151) APL
Bullen, Harry (2899) SAWDRIP
Burns, Devin (7393) Robotics-Goddard
Calvo, Daniel (4181) Academy-Goddard
Capon, Thomas (2142) Robotics-Goddard
Carter, Candice (12457) SIP
Cates, Nichole (2079) SIP
Catlin, Jason (9013) Robotics-Ames
Cavalcanti, Guilherme (12698) Robotics-Ames
Centinello, Frank (20686) Academy-Glenn
Chang, Allison (5983) SIECA
Colon, Gabriel (13615) Robotics-Goddard
Congdon, Elizabeth (16784) APL
Curl, Seth (15353) SAWDRIP
Czerechowski, Piotr (7694) SIECA
Deighan, Justin (11653) APL
DeMaster, Rayna (8569) Academy-Goddard
Diamond, Catherine (6939) SAWDRIP
Diaz, Wanda (17443) SIECA
Dickson, McConnell (7744) Academy-Goddard
Diep, Madeline (4944) IVV
Downs, Matthew (11763) Robotics-Goddard
Duffy, Brent (11634) SAWDRIP
Dumolt, Jennifer (7861) Academy-Marshall
Dwyer, Morgan (5800) Academy-Marshall
Edell, David (6762) APL
Edgar, Lauren (195) Academy-Goddard
Edmonds, Christopher (13138) Robotics-Ames
Evans, Tyler (147) Robotics-Goddard
Falck, David (6602) SIECA
Faulkner, Matthew (15709) Robotics-Goddard
Ferguson, David (4474) Robotics-Ames
Ferguson, Ian (19775) Robotics-Goddard
Gabet, Kathryn (17008) SIP
Gabrielse, Christine (18478) Academy-Goddard
Gaither, Bryan (138) SIP
Gannon, Joseph (12538) Robotics-Ames
Gao, Jingsi (4260) SIP
Hahne, Devin (14915) SIP
Han, Christopher (15650) SIP
Hanuschak, Gregor (20579) SAWDRIP
Hendrickson, Justin (17290) Robotics-Ames
Herron, Andrew (11820) Academy-Marshall
Hidalgo, Brenda (20547) SIECA
Hill, Kyle (22516) Academy-International
Hlasko, Heather (13603) Academy-Glenn
Hourticolon-Retzler, Elan (15937) Robotics-Goddard
Howard, Derek (2504) SIP
Hulka, James (3474) SIP
Hundt, Andrew (12430) Robotics-Ames
Jacobs, Allison (13862) SIP
Johnson, Kathryn (9763) Academy-Glenn
Jorns, Benjamin (8225) Academy-Marshall
Kanov, Kalin (2134) SIP
Karvounis, John (9510) Robotics-Goddard
Kauk, Corey (4493) SIP
Klinkhachorn, Tanya (9830) Robotics-Goddard
Korzun, Ashley (13099) Academy-Goddard
Kuhn, Stephen (11732) Robotics-Ames
Kvaltine, Nicholas (1129) Academy-Marshall
LaRocque, Brian (16343) SIECA
Le, Tu (12742) SIP
Lee, Tiffany (11606) Robotics-Goddard
Lee, Young (8027) SIECA
Leitenberger, Chris (183) Academy-Glenn
Letor, Romain (12808) Academy-International
Lettsome, Annette (2030) SIECA
Lin, Ellie (12218) Robotics-Goddard
Lloret, Agmel (16278) SIP
Lobovsky, Maxim (12491) Robotics-Goddard
Luchner, Anthony (13912) Robotics-Goddard
Luu, Kevin (5289) Robotics-Goddard
May, Alexander (10217) Robotics-Goddard
McDunn, Tamara (12066) SIP
McMillan, Michelle (4604) Academy-Goddard
Meehan, Christopher (9395) SIP
Mihelich, Patrick (17354) Robotics-Ames
Miller, Mark (8745) SIP
Minton, William (17189) Academy-Glenn
Miskovic, Jena (14082) SIP
Mycroft, Frank (3454) Academy-Goddard
Nan, Jennifer (7687) SAWDRIP
Okolski, Gabriel (15070) SIP
Page III, Richard (10965) SAWDRIP
Palameta, Laila (18294) SIP
Park, Sang (18675) APL
Perez, Xavier (15264) SIECA
Perrone, Katherine (26) SAWDRIP
Perry, Kelly (13237) Academy-Glenn
Philips, Brandon (120) Robotics-Goddard
Phillips, Kerri (83) SIP
Piotrowski, Ted (114) APL
Prewitt, Michelle (20720) Academy-Marshall
Prosen, Jennifer (7323) APL
Raghunathan, Vijai (17414) SIP
Reilly, Kevin (6223) Robotics-Goddard
Reiman, Mary (14892) Academy-Marshall
Renkoski, Benjamin (81460) Academy-Goddard
Rodríguez, Yamil (20528) Academy-Glenn
Rohlin, Kristina (12245) Robotics-Goddard
Roisum, Craig (21856) GCA
Rollins, Elizabeth (4429) SIP
Roth, Stephanie (13856) Robotics-Goddard
Russell, Tiffany (8969) Academy-Goddard
Sandberg, Julie (7009) Academy-Goddard
Sanders, Christopher (20634) SIP
Schrader, Devin (14282) Academy-Marshall
Schwartz, Daniel (9755) APL
Short, Cody (4284) Academy-Marshall
Shrewsbury, Donald (2325) SIP
Smidheiser, Hans (13754) SIP
Smith, Bradley (14030) Robotics-Goddard
Smith, Brandon (18177) Academy-Marshall
Smith, Lucas (53) Academy-Goddard
Spar, Ilana (4541) SIP
Srivastava, Tina (15174) Robotics-Goddard
Stiltner, Larry (14483) Robotics-Goddard
Suaris, Therese (210) SIP
Swindell, Jeremy (9206) Robotics-Goddard
Tan, Ceryen (9360) Robotics-Goddard
Thompson, April (1174) SIECA
Torres, Yvonne (10455) Academy-Marshall
Traverso, Luis (12761) SIP
Trujillo, Lady (10755) Academy-Goddard
Tuk, Aubrey (6166) SIP
Turett, Fiona (12854) Robotics-Goddard
Van Well, Jennifer (18073) SAWDRIP
Walker, Ivan (7147) SIECA
Walz, Jennifer (15674) SIP
Wang, Yan (15554) Robotics-Ames
Warner, Krista (6282) SIP
Waters, Jessica (7770) SIP
Watson, Lois (162) SIECA
Weber, Kyle (9883) APL
Wray, James (18279) Academy-Goddard
Young, Constance (18841) SIECA
Zerick, Juliette (12258) SIP
Zhou, Kevin (15535) SAWDRIP