NASA Seems to have the feeds all crossed up somehow

I’m watching the Galileo feed, but it seems like the audio track is coming from Newton.

Agreed!! I am watching Curie & the audio feed is from the FTC Field 1… a little perplexing to say the least

Newton’s got Galileo audio, oh well just practice matches

It’s Thursday for NASA, too. Let them work things out - they will be awesome as always.


The FTC Field 2 webcast is not accessible, and the FTC Field webcast is for both fields. I’m sure they will fix it before qualification matches.

I wonder if its related to them having a whole bunch of extra work because of the fields moving around, instead of being in one place.

I think it is more likely because they have a new venue, not the moving. Clearly they are patching the audio and the video separate, so that should make the moving easy. (They have individual feeds to a 2nd location)

Looks like they just fixed it, on Galileo, at least.