Did anyone on CD apply for the NASA SHARP internship for this summer? I was one of 24 selected as finalists for the NASA Dryden Research Facility, and I have an interview April 14. (Which may cause me to be unable to go the the championship :() I would assume that many FIRST participants have applied for the program.

I went through the SHARP program back in '88… a long time ago. It was one of the most valuable experiences that I’ve had. Don’t think of it as missing out on a fun weekend at Nationals. Think of it as a chance to start your career early. SHARP helps you get a foot in the door for any science/engineering job you may apply for in the future.

If you get the position, be sure to take advantage of your mentor-- ask lots of questions and learn as much as you can. Also, work your butt off on the final report. It’ll pay off later. I used mine even years later as an example of my work during interviews.

Good luck!

Two of my students on our team participated in SHART last year, and they are very glad they did.

Just my two cents worth.

Nathan Pell

I was in SHARP two years ago (over at NASA Langley). The one thing I have to say is that, like in everything, you get out of it only what you put in. If you work hard and try to learn, it’ll be one of the best experiences in high school for you (aside from FIRST, of course!).

I looked at the program but decided that next year would be better to apply for it, with grades and time etc. A 13 page application, that’s some serious stuff there. If I get into the Drexel Eng Mentorship this summer, I might have a better shot at getting into SHARP, unless that hurts my chances. Who knows, the number of people who apply to SHARP is huge. Go summer engineering junkies!!!

I was going to apply but I was too young by a few months…

I will definatly apply next summer though!

What is it? and how do I apply?